B2B Consulting

          In the world of B2B consulting every other industry looks to you for groundbreaking and insightful thought leadership and expertise.  The pressure to get relevant content in front of your customers now is mounting. It’s understandable that you need to be nimble with your content creation and distribution strategy. Publishing content for multiple industries requires an agile approach to content creation and distribution.   

 Your marketing teams are tasked with more work than ever before, your customers are expecting content that is relevant and thought provoking for their specific needs.  You produce well-researched content that needs to be shared on multiple platforms. Often this content has a high internal cost and sometimes is only able to be shared for a short amount of time.How do you produce and share deep and insightful content in an express manner? How do you increase the lifespan and readership of this content?



segmentInstead of sending your content out in one large chunk, send it to your audience in consumable chapters. Let them choose what sections to read based on their interests. Use these sections as small advertising snippets to entice users to download the whole article and convert.


shareblImprove lead time: save time and resources by automatically formatting and distributing your content across every channel.


Save time by automating and scheduling the distribution to each channel



  •  Understand who interacted with what content. 
  • Know what content is the most popular
  • Understand what sections of your thought leadership an individual is interested in