B2B Publishing

Creating and distributing content is your life blood. You create and share thought leadership in order to sell your content, and your research and creation services. We want to help you better understand your unknown visitors and make sure you place the right content in front of the right person at the right time all while extending the life of all of your content.



segmentChapterize your content:  Instead of sending your content out in one large chunk, send it to your audience in consumable chapters. Let them choose what sections to read based on their interests all while still being able to download or purchase the entire piece.  Use these sections as small advertising snippets to entice users to download the whole article.

targetblDirect and Retarget: Take your visitors to the most relevant content for their individual needs.  Content intelligence enables us to direct related content expressions to your visitors based on what they have previously consumed.  

pairPair long form content with relevant rich media: Improve your interactions and download rates by combining your branded content with relevant rich media.  



shareShare your content across every distribution channel without having to reformat it for each individual channel.

scheduleblSchedule the distribution: Our platform takes the manual task of distributing each section to all of your various channels.



Know who interacted with what content. Know what content your visitors read. Understand from your long form documents, what portion of that content draws the most interest. Use the analytics to improve the conversation you have with your customers.