The key to the Expressible platform is through using Expressions to improve content distribution, interactions, total time on-site and most importantly, conversions.
An Expression is a snackable piece of content, that is often extracted from a long from thought leadership piece, that contains content, videos, text, audio images, or other interactive media that can be shared via the web, email and  or any social platform.


Where Expressible helps with content creation

  • Improve content creation to distribution lead time
  • Remove manual steps in formatting your content for multiple distribution channels
  • Make your content more engaging by pairing it with rich media

How it works

  • Import PDF documents and parse them into smaller sections for use in Expressions.
  • Integrate with your existing Content Management System (CMS)
  • Search the web using keywords and hashtags
  • Create watchlists based on social profiles or hashtags that automatically bring information in minute by minute.
  • Create content that is paired with relative rich media
  • Users can share content libraries between all of their sites.


Why you should use Expressions

  • Let your visitors read the sections of your content that most interests them
  • Improve the number of interactions with your thought leadership
  • Use expressions as marketing and advertising snippets to drive conversions
  • Improve lifecycle of your content by sharing your content as a story
  • Improve your interactions and download rates by combining your branded content with relevant rich media.

What they do

  • Import a long-form piece of content and the Expressible platform will parse it into multiple Expressions
  • Each Element of an “Expression” is shareable.
  • Upload and aggregate any combination of multimedia elements into an expression
  • Expressions choose your call to action.
  • Expressions can be embedded individually or in groups and feeds.
  • Expressions are fully brandable.
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Users have the ability to choose from premade templates that allow for complete customization from a branding perspective.

What site creation can improve

  • Use a microsite to quickly share your content marketing campaigns
  • Quickly spin up a separate page for your content to live on for a more nimble distribution approach

How to build an expressible site

  • Create individual Expressions to display your content
  • Choose to have a custom micro-site designed by an internal team or third party and the expressible team will integrate this with the Expressible platform.
  • Have the system build Dynamic HTML embeds to share branded Expressions on your existing web properties
  • Use social feeds on the site to show any number of aggregated social profiles or hashtags.
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