Financial Services

Your content is used to educate your audience and to ensure that you are their trusted source of information for all of their financial needs. However, when everyone is offering and writing about very similar items, how do you stand out?
 We know you are working to break through the noise, improve personalization and understand all of the data behind your content.  It is possible to, provide your audience with meaningful content, released with agility and in a snackable form that they will read and share. You can also then understand what content your unknown and known visitors are interested in. This information lets organizations distribute the thought leadership in a way that visitors want to consume it.
The easier the content is to digest, the more they will read and will lead more unknown and known visitors to convert.

It takes a lot of effort and time to format your thought leadership to share across every distribution channel. We want to help you format, distribute and analyze your content with just a few clicks of the mouse.



Improve the lifespan of your content through chapterization. Enable visitors, investors, and analyst’s to find and read the sections of information that are most relevant to them.

Retarget and redirect your visitors back to the most relevant content for their individual needs. Improve time on site and direct your readers to the products or financial news that is of most relevance to them.

Pair long form content with relevant rich media to improve your interaction and download rates by combining your branded content with relevant rich media.



Share your content across every distribution channel without having to reformat it for each individual channel.

Schedule the distribution – Our platform takes the manual task of distributing each section to all of your various channels.



Know who interacted with what content. Know what content your visitors read. Understand from your long form documents, what portion of that content draws the most interest. Use the analytics to improve the conversation you have with your customers.