We know that Hospitality’s success starts and ends with focusing every second of every day on customer satisfaction. This means making sure your customers know you have their best interests at heart on-site and on the web.

When it comes to content sharing, the requirements are demanding for sharing different information across every managed location. Content is produced on various different topics and often are updated day to day or week to week.The problem can be creating all of this content in a way that resonates with your different customers across the various distribution channels. There is no need to format each article for your website, facebook, email, twitter, facebook, Linkedin, etc; when it can all be done once in one location.



noun_689821_cc-1Direct and Retarget: Take your visitors to the most relevant content for their individual needs.  Content intelligence enables us to direct related content expressions to your visitors based on what they have previously consumed.

pairblPair long form content with relevant rich media: Improve your interactions and download rates by combining your branded content with relevant rich media.

sitesCreate microsites: to quickly distribute your content for your various locations to create a cohesive campaign without having to rebuild and rebrand each site.



shareblShare your content: across every distribution channel without having to reformat it for each individual channel.

scheduleSchedule the distribution: Our platform takes the manual task of distributing each section to all of your various channels.

shareblShare your content in multiple languages




Know who interacted with what content. Know what content your visitors read. Understand from your long form documents, what portion of that content draws the most interest. Use the analytics to improve the conversation you have with your customers.